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Ernst Rabel Prize for Dissertations

In September 2022, the Gesellschaft für Rechtsvergleichung will award the Ernst Rabel Prize for
outstanding comparative law dissertations. Doctoral candidates who completed their doctoral procedures
in 2019, 2020 or 2021 and who did a doctorate in comparative law are invited to apply. Please find further
information about the Ernst Rabel Prize 2019/2020 here and about the Ernst Rabel Prize 2021 here.

Young Talent Award on the occasion of the 38th Conference for Comparative Law

2022 in Tübingen, the Gesellschaft für Rechtsvergleichung invites students and young scholars to submit their written work
on the subject area of the professional groups of the 38th Conference on Comparative Law. Please find
further information including individual topics of the professional groups here.

Previous Award Winners

Ernst Rabel Prize for Dissertations

Dr. Lars Hunze, Berlin (Ernst Rabel Prize 2017/2018)
Dr. Johanna Göhler, LL.M., Münster (Ernst Rabel Prize 2017/2018)
Dr. Kristin Boosfeld, M.Jur. (Oxon.), Münster (Ernst Rabel Prize 2015/2016)
Prof. Dr. Caroline S. Rupp, MPhil. (Cantab.), Würzburg (Ernst Rabel Prize 2015/2016)
Dr. David Julius Kästle, M.Jur. (Oxon.), M.A., Tübingen (Ernst Rabel Prize 2013/2014)
Dr. Benedikt Naarmann, LL.M., Berlin (Ernst Rabel Prize 2013/2014)

Young Talent Award

Philipp Renninger, Lörrach (Young Talent Award 2019)
Pirmin Jonas Herz, Augsburg (Young Talent Award 2019)
Benedict Heil, Frankfurt a.M. (Young Talent Award 2017)
Lena Hornkohl, Heidelberg (Young Talent Award 2017)
Elias Bornemann, LL.B., Hamburg (Young Talent Award 2015)
lic. iur. Elias Bischof, LL.M., Basel (Young Talent Award 2013)
Mag. iur. Mona Philomena Ladler, Bakk.rer.soc.oec., Graz (Young Talent Award 2013)

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